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Lifetime Free Update Launch CRP123E OBD2 Code Reader Diagnostic Tool ABS SRS Transmission Engine Scan Tool with 3 Reset Support Throttle Relearn/Oil Reset/SAS Calibration

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3 Launch OBD2 Scanner CRP123: CRP123E Elite Launch CRP123E OBD2 Code Reader Diagnostic Tool ABS SRS Transmission Engine Scan Tool with 3 Reset Support Throttle Relearn/Oil Reset/SAS Calibration
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Product Description

LAUNCH CRP123E Android 7.0 Based obd2 scanner with 6100mAh Rechargable Battery Capacity, 16G Memory, CRP123E supports 60+ car makers and over 100,000 models, from 1996 to 2024, 2023 New Add 3 Hottest reset functions including Oil /SAS/Throttle Reset
Launch CRP123E ELITE OBD2 Code Reader Diagnostic Tool Support Battery Test AutoVIN

CRP123E Highlights:
  • No Register Needed, Plug & Play
  • Updated Version of CRP123 and Creader VII+
  • CRP123E costs less, in the long run, saving you up to $2000 each year
  • Lifetime Free Update Online: One-Click Update Online Via Wi-Fi fixing more bugs;
  • Android 7.0 Based obd2 scanner O.S., 5' inch touch screen,  16G Memory and 1.1Ghz  running memory
  • 11 Language Supported:  English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Polish, and Portuguese.Korea. Chinese.
  • 6100mAh Rechargable Battery Capacity , Long-lasting Battery capacity make the work easier and more convenient .
  • CRP123E with Full HD 5-inch display provides crystal-clear visuals, allowing you to dive into the data with precision and ease
  • CRP123E 4 systems diagnostic tool Support 60+ car makers and over 100,000 models, including global cars from Europe, Asia and US, Compatible with all OBD2 compliant vehicles from 1996 to 2024 .
  • CRP123E Compatible with OBD2/EOBD/JOBD&CAN protocols, including 12V passenger cars, SUVs, minvans, 12v light-duty t rucks,pickup,g asoline, Minivans and etc. while NT604/NT614 only support OBD2 and several OBD1.
Main Functions Of Launch CRP123E
  • Supports Battery Voltoge Monitor
  • Print: Support print out diagnostic report via PC
  • Fast VIN Auto Detect (will read VIN information when you connect Car)
  • Auto Vin, facilitate accurate diagnosis and provide useful information;
  • Check ABS/SRS/AT/ENG systems &10 OBD2 modes, read/clear fault codes
  • Generate vehicle health reports with one click and share them with your email via Wifi which helps avoid blind maintenance. 
  • Real Time Battery Voltage Monitoring &Graphing Check the battery status in real time and eliminate the most easily overlooked battery problems.
  • Save the historical diagnosis report, replay the data flow, and provide you with useful parameters to prevent unnecessary repair
  • Diagnostic Feedback: LAUNCH TECH’s engineers will help you troubleshoot problems timely . >>>> Customized beta version software can be obtained here.
  • CRP123E added Google Code Search function .which allows you directly connect to Google to get more online information about the current DTCs (tons of online data )
  • 2023 New Add 3 Hottest reset functions. Launch CRP123E code reader car diagnostic tool with reset including Oil /SAS/Throttle Reset, One-Click "Upgrade" operation to obtain 3 special reset functions.
  • Data Stream record and playback:Online Google Search, Draw 4in1 real-time graphical data streams to help you view the instantaneous changes of the car's engine/gearbox/abs/srs system. The detailed analysis can be enlarged. The live data can also be recorded,replayed,shared. >>>> Help improve your diagnostic performance and get more orders. Printable to share with your customers
Elite CRP123E

Functions Display 

NEW FUNCTIONS!!! 3 Special Functions (Worth 200), Continue to growing with UPDATES !!

>>>>[Oil Lamp Reset function]
: this obd2 scanner allows you to perform reset for a new calculation of Engine Oil Life system once changed the oil, clear the oil light.

>>>>[Steering Angle Calibration]: this upgrade version crp123e code reader helps clear the fault steering angle sensor memories and plays an important role in the steering angle sensor calibration, and turn off steering wheel warning light.

>>>>[Throttle Position Reset]: Throttle body relearn (aka Idle Relearn ) is the procedure that is required to obtain the correct idle speed after replacing electronic throttle body, disconnecting a battery cable, clearing a check engine light, etc. The symptoms are, idle is too low, too high, or erratic. Sometimes the engine stalls when you stop at the traffic light. And you may see the check engine light come on with the idle speed related trouble codes.

Make full use of "MALL"Menu , upgrade to bidirectional LAUNCH crp123e scanner (NEED EXTRA-BUY From "MALL").
in view of the feedback from many customers that sometimes they need other special functions except the built-in free 3 reset functions , but they don’t want to buy additional equipment. So our LAUNCH engineers updated the CRPAPP and added the Mall menu. Users can purchase the desired Reset functions or subscribe to upgrade to all systems all functions diagnostics (like,bidirectional control,relearn,matching,coding functions) for certain manufacturer in the Mall menu as your needs. but you need to subscribe it at 40 bucks each year ,pls don't subscribe it if you mind this.
2023 Upgrade Elite Version of CRP123 NEW 3 Special Functions
Not only enhanced 4 system diagnostics, FULL OBD2 functions with MODE 6 has covered .
Launch CRP123E OBD2 Code Reader functions

Engine System Diagnostic
Launch CRP123E obd2 scanner Read and clear check engine light code on most 1996 & update models. Real time data allows you to view vehicle sensor, switch and relay inputs in real time while the engine is running. The instantaneous change of real-time data information can quickly identify the problem of components, which is helpful to analyze the problem . Supports Active test (functional test): O2 Sensor test & EVAP Test.
>>>>It is not only engine system, but also covers 10obd2 mode, which can quickly and accurately locate faults and solve them easily.

Auto Transmission System
Launch scanner crp123e diagnostic scanner is an automatic transmission service tool that supports reading/erasing codes, viewing live data and turning off the warning light in the transmission system. while other scanners at same prise range doesn't support read DTCs in Transmission systems, The LAUNCH CRP123E obd2 scanner provides the user a detailed view into this critical components operation and function, allowing fast, accurate and complete diagnosis of existing, or potential issues. ( for example, read transmission temperature )
>>>>The consequence of not paying attention to the gearbox problem is that it needs a lot of maintenance cost. Launch crp123e helps you repair the gearbox in time, saving time and cost.

Airbag System Diagnostic
This OBD2 scanner supports supplementary restraint system (SRS) diagnosis for most domestic and imported vehicles. By reading the codes and google DTC definition helps to solve the issue. It helps remind you even if maintenance, solve security risks.
>>>> Essential for family owners. Find out the problem of airbag in time and repair it in time. The service life of airbag can be extended. Improve vehicle safety

Antilock Braking System
The diagnostic tool CRP123E is available for accessing and performing diagnostics on Anti-lock Brake Systems respectively Whether it is the brake pad deviation, the brake pad does not return to position, or other reasons of failure. Launch crp123e can easily locate, read the error code, and turn off the car fault light after maintenance.
>>>> For the safety of your family, please pay attention to the health of the brake system. Launch crp123e can help you find problems in time and repair the brake pads in time

LAUNCH CRP123E SCAN TOOL is the ideal Gift for
>>>> Technician, advanced DIY, garage, car dealer, used car dealer, auto repair shop, automotive engineer, diagnostic tech, truckman, automobile tech, home mechanic, DIY beginner, automotive student, backyard mechanic, retired mechanic, weekend DIY, individual.

 Access to Full OBD2 Function :
Read fault, Delete Fault code, Live Data, Read Vehicle information, O2 Sensor Test, EVAP System Test, On-board monitor Test, DTC Code lookup, IML Fault indicator, View Freeze frame, I/M Readiness and add Real-Time graphing vehicles Battery Status...

Come with the latest Auto VIN Scan Technology, LAUNCH scanner CRP123E can quickly automatic identify vehicle information, like brand, year, make, model .mileage and etc.It is convenient for you to check whether your car has been recalled, repaired, and other times.After you get the VIN code, you can find the assembly drawing of auto parts on the webpage.More professional and convenient
NOTE: AutoVIN feature does NOT work on ALL vehicles. You always can navigate your vehicle manually to perform diagnostics/services.
DTC LOOKUP LIBRARY & CODE SEARCHAfter you get the diagnosis results, quickly get the maintenance information through the built-in Google "Code search" features, you can browse the google to find more solution of car's malfunction & Built-in DTC Lookup Library as your needs and preference.

Professional, efficient connection of Internet mass information, easy to improve hands-on ability.

Real-time Battery Voltage Monitoring
The LAUNCH CRP123E OBD2 SCANNER offers real-time vehicle battery voltage monitoring. With graphic displays, you can effortlessly figure out if your battery is within the normal range.It helps you to determine the battery's health status, get early warnings for possible battery and the charging system's problem.
Launch CRP123E OBD2 Code Reader  Real-time Battery Voltage Monitoring
Diagnostic Feedback to Optimize the Scanner,This scan tool launch crp123e allows you to feedback on your diagnostic problems to LAUNCH for analysis and troubleshooting. You can submit the detailed failure description or view all the diagnostic feedback records. We’ll continuously optimize the performance of our products.

It solves the incompatibility problem and complex procedures of using computer update.
One click Wifi Update is faster when connecting to WiFi. And the new version of the software can be compatible with more models, up to 2024 models.lifetime updates through Wi-Fi for more vehicle coverage and bug fixes.

More protocols supported: CRP123E Elite Compatible with OBD2/EOBD/JOBD&CAN protocols and the data upgrade new makes up to 2023 models, including 12V passenger cars, SUVs, minvans, 12v light-duty t rucks,pickup,g asoline, Minivans and etc. while NT614 only support OBD2 and several OBD1.
LAUNCH scanner CRP123E is compatible with all OBD2 compliant vehicles from 1996 to 2024 . As a 4 systems diagnostic tool, CRP123E supports 60+ car makers and over 100,000 models, including global cars from Europe, Asia and US. It is worth mentioning that you will keep getting new models through the online update. This function is super helpful, especially for local dealers to win more businesses. (Note: Reach us to check compatible before purchase)

Diagnostic Report :

CRP123E support  one click diagnostic record, diagnostic report, you can share it via email,  one-click feedback your problem. Use this option to submit the vehicle issue to us for analysis and troubleshooting.
Diagnostic History: This function provides a quick access to the tested vehicles and users can choose to view the test report or resume from the last operation, without the necessity of starting from scratch
Diagnostic Feedback: Use this option to submit the vehicle issue to us for analysis and troubleshooting

TC Library: Allows you to retrieve the definition of the diagnostic trouble code from the abundant DTC database.
Functions Of Launch  CRP123E

Screen: 5'inch Touch Screen
Battery: 4000mAh rechargeable Li-battery
OBD II input voltage range: 9~18V
Charging via: DC 5V charging cable or Diagnostic cable through connection to vehiclersquos DLC
Dimension: 228mm x 125mm x 34.5mm
Working temperature: -10 to 50degC (14 to 122 deg F)
Storage temperature: -20 to 70degC (-4 to 158 deg F)

Package includes:
1pc x Creader Professional 123E handset
1pc x OBD II diagnostic cable
1pc x DC 5V charging cable
1pc x User manual
1pc x Carrying bag
Launch CRP123E OBD2 Code Reader package

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