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2 Years Free Update Launch X431 Pros Star Elite X-431 Pro OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner With Launch i-TPMS TSGUN Handheld TPMS Service Tool

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3 Launch X431 Pros Star Elite: With Launch i-TPMS TSGUN Launch X431 Pros Star Elite X-431 Pro OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner With Launch i-TPMS TSGUN Handheld TPMS Service Tool
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Product Description

  1. X431 PRO STAR with diagnostic cable is an upgrade based on X-431V/X-431 PRO Elite/X-431 PROS Elite, Same functions,but price is cheaper!
  2. Support CANFD & DoIP protocols + FCA SGW Car Access + Advanced ECU Coding + V.A.G Guided Functions + 31 Reset Functions
  3. Launch X431 TSGUN support to activate TPMS sensors, Read sensor data, TPMS diagnose, Read/clear TPMS DTCs; Scan TPMS sensor ID, program tpms sensor.
LAUNCH X-431 PRO STAR ECU Coding With Free Launch i-TPMS TSGUN

Package includes: LAUNCH X-431 PRO STARLaunch i-TPMS TSGUN

LAUNCH X-431 PRO STAR Features

From Hardware
  • 2.4 & 5 GHz WiFi, 8MP Rear Camera; high-endurance battery 6000mAh, which runs faster, more stably and lasts longer. 
  • X431 PRO STAR with diagnostic cable is an upgrade based on X-431V/X-431 PRO Elite/X-431 PROS Elite, Same functions,but price is cheaper!
  • X-431 PRO STAR is an 8-inch smart car diagnostic device; Based on Android 10.0 system, it adopts 2.0Ghz 4-core high-efficiency processor, 4GB RAM+64GB ROM large storage
From Software
  • 2 Years Free Update 
  • GLOBAL VISION,NO IP LIMIT ! Support Passenger car, Gasoline, Pickup, Minivans, Light-duty truck, SUV
  • 10000 Car Coverage, Serve Global 99% Cars. North American cars, Asian Cars, African Cars, European Cars and South American Cars
  • 25+ LANGUAGES SUPPORT: 1. English 2. Spanish 3. Dansk 4. Japanese 5. Persian 6. French 7. Romania 8. Polski 9. Portuguese 10. Italiano 11. German 12. Svenska 13. Magyar 14. Czech 15. Arabic 16. Russian 17. Serbian 18. Netherlandish 19. Turkish 20. Korean 21. Greek 22. Finnish 23. 中文简体/中文繁体 ...
LAUNCH X-431 PRO STAR Main Functions
  • Remote Diagnostics & Diagnostic Feedback.
  • Quick Vehicle Identification: Auto VIN Technology.
  • Key Programming: Work with X-PROG3 Programmer.
  • FCA SGW Car Access: Compatible with Fiat, Chrysler, Alfa Romeo, etc.
  • Bi-directional Control: Operate various active tests to locate module trouble in minutes.
  • Support CANFD & DoIP protocols: Communicate more car models and run faster diagnostics.
  • Expanded Supports: X431 TSGUN, Launch VSP-600 Videoscope, BST360 battery tester, X431 WIFI Printer, etc.
  • Advanced ECU Coding: Top-level coding functions provide Online Coding, Online Calibration, Online Parameterization, Component Matching, Personalization, Modification & Retrofit, PMI Functions, etc.
  • 31+ Reset Functions: One LAUNCH scan tool is enough for common repairs. 31 services combine hot reset with full car supports and most needed special functions for specific cars.
  • V.A.G Guided Functions: Professional step-by-step instructions do not need your repair skill, which guide you to solve problems perfectly.
  • LAUNCH X431 PRO STAR offers several advanced functions:
    * Recode Changed Modules:
    Update and synchronize new modules with the vehicle.
    * Re-Flash Hidden Functions: Unlock and activate hidden vehicle features.
    * Renew ECU Coordination: Reprogram ECU for optimal performance.
    * Optimize Adaptive Data: Improve adaptive data settings for better vehicle performance.
    * Enhance Fuel Efficiency: Adjust settings to improve fuel consumption.
    * Reduce Power Loss: Fine-tune the vehicle to reduce mechanical wear and power loss.
LAUNCH X-431 PRO STAR Support 25+ Language

Supports Extended Function Modules:
  • X-431 Wi-Fi Printer: print out diagnostic data & reports.
  • VSP-600 VideoScope: for up-close visual inspections in confined areas.
  • X-431 TSGUN: activate all sensors, relearn & program LAUNCH sensors.
  • BTS360 Bluetooth Battery Tester: get a thorough test of the vehicle battery.
  • S2-2 SensorBoxdiagnose and simulate vehicle sensor faults quickly.
  • O2-2 ScopeBox, Oscilloscope: quickly acquire the circuit signal, and slowly display the waveform to observe and analyze.
  • ADAS software Calibration: Advanced driver assistance systems, or ADAS is designed to improve driver, passenger and pedestrian safety by reducing both the severity and overall number of motor vehicle accidents. ADAS can warn drivers of potential dangers, intervene to help the driver remain in control in order to prevent an accident and, if necessary, reduce the severity of an accident if it can’t be avoided.
  • ​​LAUNCH TPMS CRT5011E: Supports TPMS Full Function and OBD2 Diagnostic
  • Launch X431 Key Programmerit is able to read Transponder, Generate Transponder, Detect Frequency, Detect Ignition switch coil signal, Generate Remote (Launch X431 remote), and Unlock Toyota smart key, etc functions.
  • LAUNCH X431 X-PROG3To read/write keys to the vehicle. Compatible with X-431 series diagnostic scanners, X-PROG 3 enables Anti-theft type identification, Remote control matching, Key chip reading & matching, anti-theft password reading and anti-theft component replacement; 
  • X-prog3 will program IMMO keys for German makers only. If you want to do advanced key programming, you need to Activate the Authorization of IMMO package.


Launch i-TPMS Handheld TPMS Service Tool Replace OE Sensors

Launch i-TPMS provides professionaal nd comprehensive TPMS services for repair shops to develop their TPMS business. It can program LAUNCH LTR RF sensors for unlimited times to replace OE sensors. The sensor data can be read instantly and accurately, including sensor ID, tire pressure, tire temperature, battery status, etc
Launch i-TPMS TPMS Service Tool Features:
  • EU/UK Ship, Fast Delivery, NO tax
  • Fast connection & High sensitivity.
  • The firmware version supports online upgrade, currently version V1.14
  • i-TPMS service Can be Used with an X-431 scanner or using it standalone with the i-TPMS APP.
  • The i-TPMS serves over 98% of mainstream vehicles with a TPMS-equipped system available on the market.
Launch TSGUN TPMS Main Functions
  • Read real time sensor data on your phone
  • Activate, program and copy sensor ID fast and easily.
  • Can program Launch sensors 315MHz and 433MHz
  • Supports unlimited programming for LAUNCH sensors to replace OE sensors.
  • Sensor Programming Tool: Get the old Sensor ID, copy and write the Launch Sensor.
  • Activation page: Display the pressure (kPa), temperature (℃), battery conditions of all sensors.
  • Data display in seconds (Sensor ID, tire pressure, tire temperature, battery status, etc.)
  • Complete TPMS diagnostics: read/clear TPMS code with on-screen description of DTC.
  • Launch X-431 TSGUN support activate TPMS sensors, Read sensor data, TPMS diagnose, read/clear TPMS DTCs; scan TPMS sensor ID, program tpms sensor.
  • TPMS relearn tool: helps to perform automatic, static or OBDII relearning; The built-in TPMS relearning guide varies with the car's make, model, and year.
  • Binding it with an X-431 scanner: Activation, Programming, Relearn and Diagnosing for sensors. The standalone mode working with the i-TPMS app: Activation and Programming for sensors.
  • X-431 TSGUN can program LAUNCH Sensor only, does not support to program other brand sensor.
Launch i-TPMS Support Language   
  • Device language: English and Chinese
  • I-TPMS App language: Chinese, English, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Polish, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Arabic
    [When the app software switches to Chinese, the device will also display Chinese simultaneously. Except for Chinese, the device will all display English. 
Launch i-TPMS mobile APP Function:
1. Support vehicle selection or OE part number tpms sensor activation
2. Support vehicle selection or OE part number tpms sensor programming
   (1) Manually create ID programming
   (2) Automatically create ID programming
   (3) Copy and create ID programming. For this functional device, you must first activate the original tpms sensor, obtain the sensor ID, and then copy
3. Support unit switching, sensor ID: decimal/hexadecimal, temperature: degrees Celsius / degrees Fahrenheit, pressure: kPa /Psi /Bar
4. Can generate tire pressure check report
5. Currently supports Android system.  
6. The device does not need to be registered or activated. After installing the app software, open it and search for Bluetooth connections to use it.
7. Support autel tpms sensor programming and activation
8. The Android mobile app software can be downloaded by scanning the QR code on the back of the host or in the instruction manual.

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LAUNCH DOIP 16 pin Adapter Cable In stock

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