THINKCAR Thinkdiag 2 Bidirectional OBD2 All System Diagnostic Scanner for iOS & Android Support CANFD, Bluetooth, 15+ Reset, ECU Coding, AutoVIN

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5 THINKCAR Thinkdiag: Thinkdiag 2 THINKCAR Thinkdiag 2 Bidirectional OBD2 All System Diagnostic Scanner for iOS & Android Support  CANFD, Bluetooth, 15+ Reset, ECU Coding, AutoVIN
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Product Description

  1. OE-Level All Systems Car Scanner with Added CAN FD Protocol
  2. Bidirectional Control (Active Test) + ECU Coding
  3. 15+ Maintenance Functions

THINKCAR Thinkdiag2 Diagnostic Scanner

Thinkdiag 2 Features
  • With All software 1 year free Update(including All Vechicles Diagnostic Software + Maintenance software)
  • Supported 12 Languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Janpanese, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Turkish, Greek.
  • 120 Car Brands Coverage: Thinkdiag2 professional scan tool supports most car models after 1996 year of 120+ car brands. Global version can be used without geographical restrictions.
  • CANFD Protocol: Thinkcar Thinkdiag2 is the only tool in this range that supports CAN FD protocol vehicles(for GM vehicles after 2020), saving on buying adapter and getting stable communication.
Thinkdiag 2 Main Functions
  1. Bidirectional Control/ Actuation test: Thinkcar thinkdiag2 car scanner diagnostic tool Features Full bi-directional control ability, to send commands to vehicle's systems/components, to verify system input/output without using the vehicle's controls.Such as: turn on the radiator fan, modulate the throttle, open/close windows, operate mirrors, Injector Buz Test, turn on interior & exterior lights, sound horn, test door lock actuators and such.
  2. ECU Coding: For customize your car, unfold the hidden features, or disable the annoying functions(turn off the back up beep, turn the seat belt buzzer off); Re-identify the adaptive data for certain components after repairs or replacements. (NOTE: DO NOT Support ECU reprogramming)
  3. 15+ Reset Functions: Along with all the common maintenance functions, such as ABS Bleeding, K*y Programing, Injector Coding, Oil Reset, DPF Reset, BMS Reset etc.
  4. Auto Auth for FCA SGW: Thinkcar Thinkdiag2 car canner allows you to unlock the protected FCA vehicle SGW module for Chrysler/ for Dodge/ for Jeep/ for Alfa Romeo/ for Fiat vehicles, etc. (NOTE: Only provide AutoAuth login portal, and need purchase the registration number on the AutoAuth website by yourself.)
  5. All System Diagnosis: Thinkdiag obd2 scanner supports read all vehicle systems (including ENG, ABS, SRS, ABS, AFS, EBD, TCS, chassis, body and electric and electronic equipment system, etc.) of the error code, cleanup code, read the data flow, the freeze frame. It can also perform all the commands that a mechanic needs, to know the product problem whether caused by car's electrical wiring or car's component.
  6. AutoVin & Auto Scan: Automatically retrieve the vehicle identification number for comprehensive all available systems scan for quick diagnostics.
  7. Scan Tool to Reprogram Keys: Based on continuous innovation, Thinkdiag 2 perform IMMO functions, such as Key Learning, Remote Control Learning, Remote Control Add, etc. It can perform Programming, accessing the key chips, reading, retrieving, and writing key information, easy key programming, as well as other key-related functions.
  8. 4 Data display in 1 Graph: Thinkdiag 2 will Read the vehicle's live data and present it by graph—an optional combination of multiple data.
  9. Auto Scan Car VIN Code: Thinkdiag 2 can automatically scan the car's information, including VIN, release year, model, and engine type.
  10. 10 OBD2 Full Function:  This diagnostic software can test vehicle Engine systems—all models with engines meeting SAE J1850, ISO9241-2, ISO14230-4, and ISO15765 Standards in OBD2&EOBD. 1. View freeze frame date  2. Support graph data stream   3. O₂ Sensor test    4. Evap system test    5. On-Board monitor test    6. Read & Clear DTCs   7. Identify VIN information   8. DTC code lookup    9. Turn off MIL(Malfunction Indicator Lights)   10. I/M Readiness status test
  11. Print the vehicles report: Support does an OBD vehicles diagnostic report and prints the vehicles report from PC; it helps you understand the car's problem and lets you know how to repair the car.
Tips: Internet connection is recommended when using it. Some functions may not be available or diagnostic result error without connecting network.

THINKCAR Thinkdiag 2 Diagnostic Scanner

Thinkdiag vs Thinkdiag 2
The most significant difference between thinkdiag and thinkdiag2 is CAN FD protocols. Thinkdiag2 has a built-in CAN FD protocol. It is the only product in this price range that is compatible with CAN-FD protocol and supports the latest GM vehicles manufactured after 2020. Thinkdiag 2 adopts advanced CRC algorithms to accommodate more data from 8 to 64 bytes in the CAN frame, which runs faster than other products, and reduces the risk of undetected errors to enhance the user experience significantly.

ThinkDiag2 Has 15+ Poular Maintenance Reset Function

Oil Light Reset: This allows you to recalculate the engine oil life system after an oil change.
TPMS Reset: When the car tire pressure fault light is on, after carrying out maintenance, you need to reset the tire pressure through the tire pressure reset function to extinguish the tire pressure fault light.
Brake pad reset: When the brake pads and brake pad wear sensing line are replaced, the brake pad indicator lights up, after the brake pad sensor line short circuit is repaired, or after the servo motor is replaced, the reset needs to be done.
SAS Calibration: Calibrate the steering angle sensor and clear the fault memory.
Battery Reset: It is to use Thinkdiag2 to perform a reset process on the monitoring unit of the car battery, clear the original fault information about the battery being low, make it match again, and let the monitoring unit monitor with the relevant information of the existing battery as the standard.
ABS Bleeding: When the ABS system contains air, the brake system needs to be exhausted through the ABS exhaust function to restore the ABS system braking sensitivity. The ABS bleed function is required when replacing the ABS computer, ABS pump, brake master pump, brake sub-pump, brake lines, and brake fluid.
ETS Learning: Initializes the throttle actuator to restore the "learning" values stored on the ECU to their default state.
DPF regeneration: Generally, D-P-F regeneration matching is required when the exhaust back pressure sensor is replaced, the particulate trap is removed or replaced, the fuel additive nozzle is removed or replaced, the catalytic oxidizer is removed or replaced, the DPF regeneration fault light is illuminated and matched after repair, and the D-P-F regeneration control module is repaired and replaced, mainly to remove the trap performance by using combustion oxidation on a regular basis Always maintain the best stability.
Injector Coding: usually in the replacement of ECU, the injector nozzle, is required to confirm the code of each cylinder nozzle or re-code. So that the cylinder can better identify each cylinder nozzle, and more accurate control or correction of the amount of fuel injection of each cylinder.
Sunroof initialization: This function can set the sunroof locking off, closing when it rains, memory function of sliding/tilting sunroof, outside temperature threshold, etc.
EGR Adaption: This function can be used for self-learning after E-G-R (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve cleaning or replacement
Suspension Matching: When replacing the body height sensor in the air suspension system, after the control module or when the car is leveled incorrectly, this function needs to be performed to adjust the body height sensor for level calibration.
Transmission Learning: When the transmission is disassembled or repaired (after the battery is disconnected in some car models), it will lead to shift delay or shock problem, then this function needs to be performed to make the transmission compensate automatically according to the driving conditions in order to achieve a more comfortable and ideal shift quality.
THINKCAR Thinkdiag 2 Diagnostic Scanner

Headlight Matching
THINKCAR Thinkdiag 2 Code Reader

THINKCAR Thinkdiag 2 active test

THINKCAR Thinkdiag 2 auto vin

THINKCAR Thinkdiag 2 canfd protocol

ECU Coding

The ECU coding function is used to reflash the vehicle
control module, which allows you to match repaired or replaced components to the ECU. It can activate the
hidden functions for VW, for AUDI, for BENZ, and for
BMW models.
If you want to confirm whether your model can perform
this function, please provide the VIN number or specific vehicle information (year of manufacture/specific model/country of manufacture) and we will confirm for you.
Active Test

The advantage of Thinkdiag2 is that it supports full
bi-directional control capability to send commands
to the vehicle's systems/components to verify system inputs/outputs without using the vehicle controller.
like Shutter Grill Relay Test, Low-Pressure EGR Actuator Test, High-Pressure EGR Actuator Test, Intake Pressure Control Valve Actuator Test, Low-Pressure EGR System
Test, Low-Pressure EGR Differential Pressure Sensor Test, 2 stages turbocharger boost test, VTEC low V/T check, Compression Test, IMT (IMRC) test, VTEC Test, VTEC(VCM) Test.
One-Touch AutoVIN Technology

AutoVIN function supports Thinkdiag2 to automatically identify most car models, year of manufacture, and VIN
codes. You can enter the corresponding menu
and perform a one-click full vehicle scan and a system-wide vehicle health report will be automatically generated later which the report
can be shared.
Add CAN-FD protocol

Fits for more GM cars:
· For Chevrolet Tracker/For Suburban/For Tahoe 2023
· For Chevrolet Onix 1.0L(L4F/L4G/LIJ/LIF)/Onix 1.2L(LIF) 2020-2023
· For Cadillac Escalade/Escalade ESV 2021
· For Chevrolet Tracker 2020

Every Technician Will Love ThinkDiag2
Thinkcar thinkdiag2 is easy to use and an Ideal Choice for: Technician, advanced DIY, garage, car dealer, used car dealer, auto repair shop, automotive engineer, diagnostic tech, truck man, automobile tech, home mechanic, DIY beginner, automotive student, backyard mechanic, retired mechanic, weekend DIY, individual.

THINKCAR Thinkdiag 2 car scanner

Component Matching: For Volkswagen / For SKODA / For Seat / For BMW / For GM / For Ford / For Opel /For Mazda /For Fiat / For Honda / For Nissan / For Hyundai /For KIA /For Subaru etc.
FCA AutoAuth to unlock SGW in FCA Vehicles: For Chrysler/for Dodge/for Jeep/for Alfa Romeo/for Fiat vehicles, etc.
Online Coding: For Volkswagen /For Audi /For Benz /For BMW /For Seat /For Porsche etc.
Online Account Login Service: For Volkswagen /For Audi /For SKODA /For Seat etc.
Online Calibration: For Volkswagen /For Audi /For SKODA /For Seat etc.
Online Parameterization: For Volkswagen /For Audi /For SKODA /For Seat etc.
Guided Functions: For Volkswagen /For Audi /For SKODA /For Seat etc.
Power Balance: For Chrysler /For GM /For Ford etc.
Activate the Hidden Functions: For BMW /For Porsche /For Toyota /For Subaru etc.

Thinkdiag vs Thinkdiag 2

THINKCAR Thinkdiag 2

How to operate ThinkDiag 2 when you get it?

Step 1: Download ThinkDiag App from Google play (android obd2 scanner)/ App store (obd2 scanner bluetooth iphone) 

Step 2: Register & Login

Step 3: Active Thinkdiag 2 ( the serial number is in the back of Thinkdiag 2 , the password is in the white sticker in manual book )

Step 4: Go to download All softwares

Step 5: Connect Thinkdiag 2 to car, go to read the VIN , it will diagnose!

OBD2 diagnostic tool register

Thinkdiag2 Parameters
Model                                  Thinkdiag2                                                                              
Product Size 4.8*2.7*1.1 inches
Operating Voltage 9V-18V
Working Power ≤2W
Operating Temperature 14℉~122℉
Storage Temperature -4℉~140℉
Number of Connector Pins 15 PIN
Length of Diagnostic Cable 23 inches
Bluetooth Version 5.0BLE Bluetooth Dual-mode
Compatible Device IOS 9.0 and above system & Andriod 5.0 and above system
Package List:
1pc x Thinkdiag2 OBD2 & Bluetooth scanner 
1pc x OBD main cable 
1pc x EVA Storage bag

LAUNCH DOIP 16 pin Adapter Cable In stock

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Tech Support

Thinkdiag2 (THINKCAR) is an OE-level full-system car scanner with CAN FD protocol added, and comes with one year of free update service after purchase. This article will introduce how to activate Thinkdiag2 and how to download the related APP.


Step 1: Download and login Thinkdiag/ThinkDiag+ App Search for “ThinkDiag+” in Google Play, “ThinkDiag” in App store. The App is FREE to download.

Thinkdiag2 THINKCAR User Manual: Download and activate software
Thinkdiag2 THINKCAR User Manual: Download and activate software


After installation, it will prompt you to login. Register an account with Email address and password for the first use, and then login with the available account.

Thinkdiag2 THINKCAR User Manual: Download and activate software
Thinkdiag2 THINKCAR User Manual: Download and activate software


Step 2: Activate THINKDIAG 2 When you click on any diagnostic function, the activation page will appear. Click on the “Activate” button in ThinkDiag+ App. Input the serial number and 8-digit activation code to activate.

Thinkdiag2 THINKCAR User Manual: Download and activate software


The serial number is on the back of Thinkdiag 2 OBD2 scanner, and the password is on the white sticker in the manual book.

How to use Thinkcar Thinkdiag 2?

1. Insert the THINKDIAG 2 into vehicle’s OBDII port There are 5 common locations for OBDII port. Insert the THINKDIAG 2, the device is power on if the light turns green.

Thinkdiag2 THINKCAR User Manual: Download and activate software


2. Connect the App and device via Bluetooth Open the ThinkDiag+ app and start the diagnosis. (It will automatically connect with the Bluetooth in the device during the diagnostic process)

Thinkdiag2 THINKCAR User Manual: Download and activate software


3. Download the diagnostic software THINKDIAG2 will automatically download the corresponding software for your vehicle during the diagnostics for the first time. Later, there is no need to download the software again.

Thinkdiag2 THINKCAR User Manual: Download and activate software
Thinkdiag2 THINKCAR User Manual: Download and activate software


4. Perform the functions supported Click "OBD Function" on the home page to enter the OBD function. There are 8 function menus to choose from: Read fault code, clear fault code, read data stream, freeze frame, O2 sensor test, ON-BOARD monitoring, and EVAP system.

Thinkdiag2 THINKCAR User Manual: Download and activate software


Click "ALL SYSTEMS DIAGNOSTIC" on the home page to access the all systems diagnosis DIAGNOSTIC function. After entering, you can choose to read VIN information intelligently or choose your own vehicle brand to enter diagnosis.

Thinkdiag2 THINKCAR User Manual: Download and activate software


Different lights meaning while using THINKDIAG 2:

Continuous red light: The device is power on

Continuous blue light: Bluetooth is connected

Continuous green light: Diagnostic connection indicator

Thinkdiag2 THINKCAR User Manual: Download and activate software


How to check Thinkdiag2 vehicle coverage?

You can check the supported vehicles of THINKDIAG 2 on Thinkcar official website:

Thinkdiag2 THINKCAR User Manual: Download and activate software