LAUNCH diagnostic software update: HONDA MASERATI VOLVO BENZ

LAUNCH diagnostic software updates, Get new vehicle coverage and features. The following is the detailed update log:

HONDA V49.01
Fixed radar calibration function for year 2023 model ACCORD, CR-V, BREEZE.

Optimized DTC function, modified and completed engine oil reset and radar calibration function, updated image display and prompts message for some ADAS function.

VOLVO V44.83
Optimized DOIP communication; optimized reading of VIN content; optimized brake pad function.

BENZ V50.25
Added basic functions for new energy models under Chassis 465. Added actuation test and special functions of LIN system under Chassis 117, 156, 166, 176, 190, 197, 204, 207, 217, 218, 246 and 292.

LAUNCH diagnostic software update-HONDA MASERATI VOLVO BENZ

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