2023 latest LAUNCH X431 Pro DYNO compared to the old Pro Pros V1.0

2023 newly-released LAUNCH PRO Dyno is a great car scanner diagnostic for all cars for car shop owners, DIY enthusiasts, and professional technicians. Compared with Launch's previous product, X431 Pro Pros V1.0, what improvements are there? Is it worth buying?

List of differences between LAUNCH X431 PRO Dyno and LAUNCH X431 Pro Pros V1.0:
Product number X-431 PRO Pros V1.0 X-431 PRO DYNO
Product Image X-431 PRO Pros V1.0 X-431 PRO DYNO
diagnostic box DBSCar IV DBS Car VII
CPU 2.0GHz quad-core 2.0GHz quad-core
operating system Android 9.0 Android 10.0
memory 3GB 4GB
storage 32GB 64GB
display screen 8 inches 8 inches
resolution 1280x800 1280×800
front camera 2 million pixels -
After the camera 5 million pixels 8 million pixels
Operating temperature 0~ 50°℃ 0~ 50℃
communication method Bluetooth/USB Bluetooth / USB
CAN-FD protocol support support
Host size 242.5*160*31.5mm 234x166x39.5(mm)
Battery 5000mAh 6300mAh(200.85g)

Simply put, LAUNCH X431 PRO Dyno has better hardware, which means faster response and longer battery life.

LAUNCH X431 PRO Dyno is not good enough for you to replace your original equipment, but if you are a new user, LAUNCH X431 PRO Dyno is the best choice.