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44cm*38cm*32cm     ( Inch: 17.32*14.96*12.6 )
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Product Description

  1. Launch X431 Pros Dyno replaces the Launch x431 Pros V1 support all module diagnostics, Bi-Directional control, 37+ service functions. It can add on modules such as TPMS wand, ADAS frame, Video scope, Battery tester & X-Prog3 Key coding module
  2. It can add on modules such as TPMS wand, ADAS frame, Video scope, Battery tester & X-Prog-3 Key coding module
  3. Connects via DBScar VII, wireless & wired VCI connections

LAUNCH X431 PRO Dyno Bi-directional OBD2 Scanner for All Cars

 LAUNCH X431 PRO Dyno Is a all-new car scanner, boasts of flagship-level diagnostics, yet at rock-bottom prices! You’ll affordably repair 99% car issues in one solution: ECU Coding, All System Access, Active Tests, 37+ Special Functions, AutoVIN & Scan, Remote Diagnosis, Diagnostic Record & History, 2-Year Update,8 Optional Expanded Tools (ADAS/Scopebox/Sensorbox/Multimeter/Videoscope/BST360/IMMO Programmer/TSGUN); covering 100 brands, CAN-FD & DoIP. 

LAUNCH X431 Dyno Highlight:

Superior Hardware: 
  • 5-Year Quality Backup
  • Launch X431 Pros Dyno replaces the Launch x431 Pros V1, 
  • Connects via DBScar VII, wireless & wired VCI connections. allowing 33ft. wireless range for you to freely walk around as using scan tool. The type-c port is available for more stale connection.
  • Android 10.0, 4-Core 2.0GHz Processor for smoother operation; 6,300mAh battery for 21+hrs of continuous use; 4+64GB ROM/RAM for more data storage and faster updating; 8", 1280*800 for clearer and at-a-glance display of data.
  • Buy With Confidence: You’ll also have 1) Remote Diagnosis: remote tech. assistance to fix complex issues; 2) Diagnostic Report: auto-generated to keep a record for further analysis; 3) Online Feedback: instant message to get timely operating / diagnostic tips.
From Software: 
  • 2 years of free updates, After that, you can buy the update secrvie ,€380/2 year€333/per Year
  • LAUNCH X431 PRO Dyno diagnostic for all cars has complete database covering 100+ diverse brands.
  • 8 Optional Expanded Tools (ADAS / Scopebox / Sensorbox / Multimeter / Videoscope / BST360 / IMMO Programmer / TSGUN);
  • It supports CAN-FD (for 2020- GM & Chrysler models), DoIP (for Volvo, LandRover/Jaguar, BM.W F/G …; *need adaptor).. See details on page.
  • 24 Languages Supported: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Hungarian, Finnish, Czech, Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Danish, Persian, Romanian, Serbian, Swedish, Chinese, Bulgaria.
  • Can Work With Launch X431 DoIP 16Pin Cable Which Compatible With DBScar VII Scanner Such as CRP919X BT/ CRP919E BT/ Pro3 APEX/ ProS V5.0, With this cable, your device DBScar VII could work with Doip protocols cars such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Lingke, and Volvo, it will be faster and more stable
  • Global Version Need to Pay More 35EUR, it works in any country
  • EU version is cheaper and it works in all European countries pls choose this version if you are from Europe/UK
  • The EU Version is special for Europe Customers, it is cheaper than Global version. The packing list support list and functions of them is same.

LAUNCH X431 PRO DYNO Main Functions:

LAUNCH X431 PRO DYNO is A 2024 all-new car scanner, boasts of flagship-level diagnostics! You'll affordably repair 99% car issues in one solution: ✅ECU Coding, ✅All System Access, ✅Active Tests, ✅38+ Special Functions, ✅AutoVIN & Scan, ✅Remote Diagnosis, ✅Diagnostic Record & History, ✅7 Optional Expanded Tools (ADAS/Scopebox/Sensorbox/Multimeter/Videoscope/BST360/IMMO Programmer); ✅covering 100+ brands, ✅CAN-FD & DoIP.
  • [Advanced ECU Coding] This scan tool offers E.CU Coding to suit more repair needs and thus win more business: 1) relearn, recode newly-installed E.CUs (match current car settings); 2) make adaptive data for components (solve major car issues); 3) personalize car OE settings (e.g. change lights brightness & flashing intervals/setup reminder/close start & stop).➤This works on top-selling brands in US, compatible with for Toyota, for Honda, for Chevrolet, for Ford, for Benz, for BMW, for Audi, for Renault, and more.
  • [OE-Level All System Diagnostics]: decode not only generic but also OE-specific codes, ensuring comprehensive analysis, precise detection, and accurate troubleshooting.
  • [Bi-directional Control]: send instructions directly from the scan tool to the vehicle, greatly reducing your repair time and quickly pinpointing fault's location.
  • [37+ HOT Special Functions] LAUNCH PRO Dyno features 37+ commonly-used special functions to help solve most cars issues you’d meet in workshops: Oil/Brake/Immobilizer/Steering/TPMS/Battery/DP-F/E-PB/Throttle/Stop&Start/NOX/Adblue/ETS/SUS/Air&Fuel/Sunroof and more. Almost all basic, special, and advanced resets & relearns are included. You’ll have ever-effective repair thanks to its OE-level accuracy and menu-guided procedures.
  • [CANFD & DoIP Support ]: this LAUNCH scanner covers modern cars adopting these two automotive protocols. You'll get more reliable and efficient means of data transfer, and greatly reduced repair time and costs. *Need DoIP adaptor.
  • [All System Scan + Active Test] This diagnostic obd2 scanner gets an insight into all accessible system such as PCM/ECM/EPS/PDM/BCM/TPM/SCCM/RADIO etc., to read, clear 99% generic & manufacturer DTCs, obtain E.CU info, and display graphic live data. It is also bidirectional scan tool, can send commands to E.CU and receive a response like turn on/off radiator fan, lights, sound horn, fu.el pump, etc. to quickly locate faulty auto parts. This is very helpful to smooth your workflow.
  • [2018+ FCA SGW Access]After registering with AutoAuth Services, this LAUNCH scanner can get diagnostic access to FCA SGW-equipped cars (e.g. 2018-2024 Fiat, Chrysler, Alfa Romeo, Dodge, Je.ep, etc.). You can perform diagnostic tasks such as code clearing, bi-directional functions, etc. after skipping the SGW barrier. Note that it may require a subscription fee annually
  • [ADAS (Cali-bration)]:  Calibrate a wide range of camera-based & radar-based driver assistance systems. such as ACC, AEB, and more. ADAS Calibrate a wide range of camera-based & radar-based driver assistance systems, Operate ADAS calibration to vehicle cameras, LKA system, ACC system, LDW system, and AVM system. ADAS is designed to improve driver, passenger and pedestrian safety by reducing both the severity and overall number of motor vehicle accidents. ADAS can warn drivers of potential dangers, intervene to help the driver remain in control in order to prevent an accident and, if necessary, reduce the severity of an accident if it can’t be avoided
  • [8 Add-on Service Modules] This LAUNCH scanner can work with 8 service tools to better suit your various repair needs: 1) VideoScope: to check hard-to-reach vehicle parts; 2) BTS360 Battery Tester: to get a thorough battery test; 3) Immobilizer Box: to have locksmith-level IMMO services; 4) X431 TSGUN: to have complete TPMS functions; 5) O2-1 Scopebox: to simulate vehicle sensor faults; and ADAS Tool Kit, Multimeter, Sensorbox, etc. All are sold separately.
  • [More Coverage & Features] Unlike OE scan tools that work on limited range of vehicles, this car scanner diagnostic for all cars has complete database covering 100+ diverse brands. It supports CAN-FD (for 2020- for GM & for Chrysler models), DoIP (for Volvo, for LandRover/for Jaguar, for BMW F/G …; *need adaptor). It has more productive features, more powerful hardware than PRO ELITE, PROS V+, and keeps adding more maintenance services into the coverage. See details on page.
Work with 7+ Extension Modules: Get More Functions & Business

You can add a series of add-on servicing modules to extend the functionality of this LAUNCH obd2 scanner. The function modules include:

1.LAUNCH X-PROG 3: by working with this state-of-the-art k~ey programming module, this car diagnostic scanner for all cars can turn into a fully-capable IMMO service tool:

-IMMO & K~ey Programmer: K~ey matching/ copy, anti-theft IC reading & writing, ECU/ EEPROM/ onboard MCU 1000+ models reading & writing, anti-theft type identification, remote control matching, k~ey chip reading & matching, anti-theft password reading, anti-theft component replacement, etc.

-Core Functions: ECU replacement (for V-W/Aud.i non-35XX instrument; 4th Gen. of V-W/ Aud.i engine; 5th Gen. of V-W/Aud.i Bosch and Siemens engines, etc.) 8HP ECU repr0gramming to empty (for BM.W F & G chassis); Module replacement (for BM.W CAS4/CAS4+); ECU cloning and replacement (for B.M.W Siemens engines); Erase engine and gearbox password (for Ben.z) and many more.;

-Advanced IMMO Technology: Reads & writes most engine/ gearbox ECUs without disassembling the shell.

-Wide Brands Coverage: V-W, Au.di, Skoda, Seat, BM.W, Be.nz, Toyota … still growing.

-Board System Coverage: engine, automatic transmission, CAS, body, lo~ck … and more.

2.ADAS ToolKit ADAS: to make ADAS calibration for systems like automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, lane-keeping assist, blind-spot elimination, and night vision etc.

3.O2-1 ScopeBox: to quickly acquire the circuit signal, and slowly display the waveform for better data analysis.

4.S2-2 Sensorbox: to diagnose and simulate vehicle sensor faults quickly.

5.O2-2 Scopebox: detects high level faults on various electrical components, such as sensors, acturators and circuits..

6.BST360 Battery Tester: to get a thorough test of the vehicle battery (SOC/SOH/Cranking/Charging, etc.)

7. Adds Launch X431 key programmer for remote generation

8. VSP600 Videoscope: Make X431 PRO ELITE a perfect tool for viewing and capturing video and still images of hard-to-reach areas.

9. TSGUN and RF-Sensor to To activate, program, learn, and detect tire pressure.

10. BST360 Battery Tester: Connecting with this battery tester.

11. Launch X431 DoIP 16Pin Cable Which Compatible With DBScar VII Scanner Such as CRP919X BT/ CRP919E BT/ Pro3 APEX/ ProS V5.0/X431 PRO3 ACE, With this cable, your device DBScar VII could work with Doip protocols cars such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Lingke, and Volvo, it will be faster and more stable

12. Launch Wi-Fi Printer: WIFI printers to print out diagnostic data or reports

LAUNCH X431 PRO DYNO Elite  Extended Functions

LAUNCH scanner X431 PRO DYNO has a newly updated DBScar VII VCI device that directly works on CAN FD & DoIP communication. Compared to traditional BT connectors, DBScar VII VCI supports USB connection and wireless BT dual communication to achieve more stable, safer, and more effective data transmission.

CAN FD: CAN FD with a flexible data rate overcomes the limitations of the classical CAN bus in terms of data transfer rate. The application of CAN FD protocol achieves 6x faster data transmission of the LAUNCH scanner. CANFD Connector makes your Launch X431 PRO DYNO work with a wider range of vehicle models: post-2019 GM models. (Users don’t need to separately buy a CAN FD adapter.)

DoIP: LAUNCH DBScar VII VCI is compatible with the DoIP protocol. DoIP can save the cost and the effort of integrating the DoIP protocol stack in every electronic control unit for cars separately. The protocol applies to post-2018 Volvo, post-2017 Land Rover, and Jaguar, and supports BMW F and G chassis models. (DoIP needs to purchase an extra testing adapter.)



X-431 PRO DYNO Detail Functions Display
OE-Level All System Diagnostics
  • LAUNCH X431 Pro Dyno is a full system obd2 scanner, designed to be used within the professional repair shop. A full system scan tool can run diagnostics across all vehicle systems and electronics. For example, this LAUNCH scanner can pull codes, clear codes, check freeze frame data, view live data, and plot PIDs on the AntiLock Braking System (ABS), and quickly report back on whether there are any issues with this system. Using a scanner for car in this way can save a lot of your valuable repair time.
  • Other accessible systems include: "Engines, Auto Transmission, Air~bags, Immobilizer, Key Coding, ABS, Cruise Control, Instruments, Self Leveling Suspension systems, Seats, Doors, Gateway, Steering Angle, Air Suspension, Body Systems, Electronic Power Steering & Motor Assisted, Power Steering, Tire Pressure, Rain Sensors, 4WD System …" depending on your vehicle's make, model and year.

Bi-directional Active Tests

LAUNCH Pro Dyno is also a full bidirectional scan tool (Active Test). You can send the command to the E.CU and receive a response. Consequently you can control car functions directly from the scan tool to easily find problems and possible solutions in minutes.

For example: “Turn on the radiator fan - modulate the throttle - open/close windows - operate mirrors - test injector buz - turn on interior/exterior lights & sound horn - test door loc-k actuators - test injector - turn off ACC lane keeping assist system (LKAS) - turn on/off front & rear side ACM solenoid - turn on/off the fuel pump - cycle the A/C - clutch on/off - test left clutch electromagnetic coil - test acceleration device - test oil pressure control - aim dynamic camera - calibrate vehicle level position - pump brake vacuum - test inlet & outlet valve - test open brakes - supply wheel speed sensor - test parking brake and more.”

Benefits for Pro Mechanics & DIYers
  • For Pro Mechanics: this all system scan tool can read a full range of parameters and data. Pro mechanics can then use this information to identify the specific problem areas and make necessary repairs. Additionally, its accurate and fast bi-directional car scanner can greatly smooth your workflow.
  • For DIYers: this all system bi-directional scanner can help you save a lot of time and money by quickly identifying and addressing problems before they become more serious or costly to fix.
**REMINDER: the function menu varies by manufacturer, year, and model. Only the available diagnostics and tests will be displayed in the menu.

37+ Special Functions: Satisfy Your 98% Repair Work
There is an independent "Special Function" function module in this LAUNCH X431 PRO Dyno. It can effectively access vehicle systems to reset partial parameters' status after repairs are done. This will save you the hassle to search for the target service in car software.
The 38+ special functions are:
"Oil Maintenance Reminder Reset, Throttle Adaptation, Steering Angle Reset, Brake Pad Reset, Tire Pressure Reset, IMMO & K.ey Programming, ABS Exhaust, Battery Matching, Gear Learning, Injector Coding, DPF Regeneration, Headlight Matching, Gearbox Matching, Suspension Matching, Sunroof Initialization" and more of 2024 newly-added functions that cannot be found on other scanners for cars.
The following are some applications:

Oil Reset: Reset the oil life system and turn off the oil light to start a new cycle.

Throttle Matching: Cycle the motorized throttle body through various states (idle, part throttle, WOT) to relearn their positions.

SAS Reset: Reset the steering angle to zero to keep the car running straight.

Brake Reset: Empty the air after changing the brake pad, brake pad sensor, brake pump, ABS pump, etc.

TPMS Reset (Indirect): Reset tire pressure and turn off the TPMS light after replacement.

IMMO Reset (Basic): Disable/de~lete/match k~eys.

ABS Bleeding: Bleed the air of a brake system to restore ABS brake sensitivity.

Battery Matching: Re-match the battery control module and motoring sensor.

Injector Coding: Code the injector after replacing or adjusting it to correct the injection volume of each cylinder more accurately.

Headlamp Reset: Initialize the adaptive headlamp system.

EPB Reset: Reset the calipers, brake discs or pads after replacing the electronic parking brake system.

Suspension: Adjust the vehicle height sensor for level calibration when replacing the vehicle height sensor or control module in the air suspension system.

Windows Calibration: Perform door window matching to recover ECU original mode.

Note: 1) Available functions vary by model, make, year, etc. You can check the compatibility by messaging us. 2) LAUNCH team is continuously developing more repair functions.

REMINDER: The function menu varies depending on the year, make and model of your vehicle. Visit the LAUNCH website, or message us to get the complete compatible car list.

LAUNCH X431 PRO Dyno 37+ Special Functions

Advanced ECU Coding: Customize the Car to Your Tastes
This is a fantastic feature that is usually only seen on top-ranking LAUNCH X431 bidirectional scan tools. It allows you to recode elements of a vehicle's CPU. This could be to customize the vehicle to a customer's specifications, or to match a new component so that everything works properly.
  • Setup New ECU Modules: After replacing the ECU/module, you have to match, learn, or code it before it functions normally. Otherwise, the car cannot start or some parts cannot work normally. The ECU Coding will make sure the newly-installed ECU modules work in harmony with the rest of the vehicle system.
  • Open/Close Car Functions (personalization): You can also bring higher-level (deluxe) functions into your general model for better driving quality. For example: make the moving pointer perform self-check / display the amount of fuel consumption / open beep sound / one press to close all windows / flash all brake lights during emergency braking / make turn signal light & rear fog light alternatively flash / open & close daytime running lights, etc. In addition, close some functions that you probably won't need like the auto star-t & sto-p system.
  • Fix Complex ECU-controlled Issues: many tricky issues can be fixed through recoding or calibrating ECU modules. The issues include low fu.el efficiency, mysterious power loss, unknown faults in mechanical parts, and others.
Note: Please be aware that the coding operations displayed in the menu may vary depending on the test vehicle. Only the operations that are available for the specific vehicle will be shown.

LAUNCH X431 PRO Dyno ECU coding

Remote Diagnosis & Feedback
When you encounter a complex car issue that is beyond your ability, you can easily get connected with an expert who is NOT physically present to help you fix it by using "Remote Diagnosis". And if you have some difficulties or find some bugs during the use of this scan tool, you can send "Feedback" messages to LAUNCH technicians. They will handle the issues promptly.

Diagnostic History Record
This scan tool will record every detail of the diagnostic session in a date sequence. With direct access, you can resume the last operation without starting from scratch. Additionally, you can maintain vehicle health logs, compare changes in vehicle conditions, and easily share the repair details with other experts.

2018+ FCA SGW Access
After registering with AutoAuth Services, this LAUNCH scanner can get diagnostic access to FCA SGW-equipped cars (e.g. 2018-2024 Fiat, Chrysler, Alfa Romeo, Dodge, Je.ep, etc.). You can perform diagnostic tasks such as code clearing, bi-directional functions, etc. after skipping the SGW barrier. Note that it may require a subscription fee annually.

Guided Functions for VAG
Are you having difficulty diagnosing VAG group models (Au.di, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat, etc.) because of not having security codes and channel numbers? With this diagnostic tool, you don't need to search online for code. The Guided Function will be your solution. By simply following the provided guidance, you can easily match, calibrate, and make basic settings.

99% Worldwide Car Coverage
These one-station LAUNCH car scanner works across 100+ major car brands around the world, including the top-selling Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet, Fo.rd, Ben.z, BM.W, etc. It even supports CAN-FD cars (for 2020 & newer GM and Chrysler models), and DoIP-compliant cars (*Need adaptor, for Volvo, BM.W F/G, Land Rover/Jaguar, etc.).

AutoVIN & Scan (2006+)
LAUNCH has pioneered the intelligent "AutoVIN & Scan" based on 20 years of automotive diagnostic technology. With this car scanner you can automatically scan all models in all systems in minutes, without manual input to get make/model/year/engine model/engine size/VIN data; and have quick access to matched diagnostics, and history records.

One-touch Smart Updating
This LAUNCH scanner is fully Wi-Fi capable. You don't need to hook it up to a computer to renew the unit's software and firmware. And the updating is easy. LAUNCH PRO Dyno will automatically filter out commonly-used software based on your user habits. With one touch, you'll have expanded car coverage, enhanced functions, and bug corrections.

Helpful User Info. Center
LAUNCH PRO Dyno integrates "Operation Tips, DTC Help, Technology Handbook" modules providing extensive repair knowledge every time you use it. You'll have a mind-blowing experience like following an expert to fix every hassle you'd meet. It also offers 9 different languages user manuals, for you to conveniently master this scan tool.

Powerful Information Center: Same as Snap on tools, LAUNCH X431 PRO DYNO obd2 scanner invests great development in integrating repair information to help global users obtain valuable diagnostic information, thereby reducing the repair difficulty and time spent. Include Operation Tips, DTC Help, Technology Handbook, Product Manual, FAQ, etc.

Remote Diagnostics: Unlike other brand scanners that ONLY allow remote Team Viewer, LAUNCH X431 PRO DYNO car scanner empowers the LAUNCH scanner to remotely work with LAUNCH tools or computers and operate real-time vehicle diagnostics. Make the exchange of repair experience & assistance a reality thousands of miles away.

8-in-1 Data Stream: LAUNCH X431 PRO DYNO diagnostic scan tool can display 8-in-1 live data in a graph to help mechanics intuitively monitor vehicle status and accurately fast analyze / diagnose vehicle problems.

Intelligent Software Updating: One-click WiFi updating all user software, vehicle software, pro tools software, connector firmware, etc. LAUNCH X431 PRO DYNO auto scanner provides 2-Year No-Fee Updates and Intelligent Updating that can automatically filter frequently-used software based on user usage patterns to provide priority upgrades.

Diagnostic Feedback: When encountering incompatible vehicle models or abnormal diagnostic functions, you can submit your feedback & advice to the LAUNCH team via “Diagnostic Feedback”. LAUNCH will arrange specialized technicians to dealwith these problems timely.

Diagnostic Report: LAUNCH X431 PRO DYNO automotive scanner can automatically record every diagnostic process to facilitate later check & analysis that can help quickly locate vehicle problems. And you can print all the diagnostic reports and share them with your customers.

Global Vehicle Coverage: LAUNCH X431 PRO DYNO scan tool has a leading vehicle coverage among global aftermarkets, serving 150+ brands & 200,000 vehicle models.

LAUNCH X431 PRO DYNO Functions 3
LAUNCH X431 PRO DYNO 10+ High-end Functions

LAUNCH X431 PRO DYNO Elite OBD2 Scan Tool: Global Vehicle Coverage, 150+ Brands & 200,000+ Models, diagnostic scanner for all vehicles

  • American Car Models: Ford, Lincoln, Chrysler, Dodge, GM, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, etc.
  • European Car Models: VW, Seat, Skoda, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Volvo, Vauxhall, Smart, Saab, Porsche, Mini, Lancia, BMW, Jaguar, Fiat, Citroen, Benz, Bentley, Au~di, etc.
  • Asian Car Models: Acura, Lexus, Suzuki, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Kia, Isuzu, Infiniti, Hyundai, Honda, Daihatsu, Daewoo, etc.
LAUNCH X431 PRO DYNO Elite OBD2 Scan Tool  Vehicle Coverag

PRO DYNO Specifications: 
Parameters Specifications
Display 8-inch with 1280*800p
Battery 6300mAh,7.6W
Storage 4GB+64GB
Camera 800mp rear
Wi-Fi 2.4GH25GH2
Operating Temperature 0℃55℃
Dimensions 234*166*39.55(mm)
 Comparison between X-431 PROS V1.0 and X-431 PRO DYNO:
 Comparison between X-431 PROS V1.0 and X-431 PRO DYNO
Package Includes:
1pc x X431 PRO DYNO tablet
1pc x DBScar VII
1pc x diagnostic cable
1pc x carton
1pc x packing list
1pc x PIN envelope
1pc x quick start guide
1pc x Type-C USB cable
1pc x EU plug
1pc x UK plug 
1pc x US plug
1pc x user manual
1pc x Non-16 Pin Adaptors Box
 Launch X431 PRO DYNO Bidirectional Diagnostic Scanner

LAUNCH DOIP 16 pin Adapter Cable In stock

Ship from EU/UK/Other Overseas Warehouse

  • Normally take about 3-5 working days to arrive
  • Valid for EU/UK Local Address Only - Only Item title marked "EU/UK SHIP" will ship from EU/UK warehouse!
  • EU Warehouse was located in Germany/Czech and it only can ship to EU country: 
    Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia,
    Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania,Luxembourg,
    Malta, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Cyprus, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia 
  • Note: If EU/UK Stock sold out, your order will be shipped from China via DHL or YANWEN (No Tax) by default.
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LAUNCH X431 PRO DYNO unboxing video

How To Aiailable LAUNCH X431 FCA SGW Autoauth function

Tech Support

LAUNCH X431 PRO DYNO is the upgraded version of X431 Pros (V1.0). However, X431 Pros has also upgraded its hardware to Pros (V5.0). So what is the difference between X431 PRO DYNO and the newly upgraded X431 Pros (V5.0). Below we compare their parameters through a table.
ITEMS X431 Pros V (V1.0) X431 Pros V (V5.0) X431 Pro Dyno
Image LAUNCH X431 Comparison LAUNCH X431 Comparison LAUNCH X431 Comparison
Hardware Configurations CPU 4-Core 2.0GHz 4-Core 2.0GHz 4-Core 2.0GHz
RAM 3G 4G 4G
ROM 32G 64G 64G
battery capacity 5000mAh/3.8V 6300mAh(200.85g) , 7.6V 6300mAh/3.8V
Android version Android 9.0 Android 10.0 Android 10.0
Screen size 8 inch 8 inch 8 inch
Screen resolution 1280x800 1280x800 1280x800
Wi-Fi 2.4 & 5 GHz 2.4 & 5 GHz 2.4 & 5 GHz
camera Rear 5.0 MP/ Front 2.0 MP Rear 8.0 MP Rear 8.0 MP
Communication VCI/Bluetooth(DBSCar IV) VCI/Bluetooth (DBSCar VII) VCI/Bluetooth (DBSCar VII)
Main Features Basic Functions (Read & Clear the codes and data stream)
Service Functions 37 37 37
Full-System Diagnostic
Active Test
Auto VIN
SCAN VIN/License
Remote Desk
Diagnostic Topology Display X X X
Online Programming Benz X X X
VW、Audi、Skoda、SEAT X X X
Porsche X X X
Land Rover X X X
Jaguar X X X
Renault X X X
Nissan X X X
Subaru X X X
Infiniti X X X
Hyundai X X X
Kia X X X
Online Parameterization VW X X X
Audi X X X
Online Coding Benz (SCN) X X X
Renault X X X
Online FFS Activation VW、Audi X X X
Online Calibration & Matching VW、Audi X X X
Guided Function VW、Audi、Skoda
Offline Programming Ford
Activate Hidden Function Benz
Repair Data Benz X X X
VW、Audi X X X
Porsche(11-) X X X
Add-on Tools Diesel vehicle diagnosis(HD) X X X
battery Tester
Protocols Supported Diagnostic Protocols: D-PDU/J2534/RP1210 X X X
Bus Protocols: DoIP/CAN FD X √ (only CAN FD, DoIP require optional adapter) √ (only CAN FD, DoIP require optional adapter)
Subscription Fee Tesla
FCA Secure Gateway
Upgrade Fee (End User) 2 Years Free Update 2 Years Free Update 2 Years Free Update
Languages Software Languages 24 Languages 24 Languages 24 Languages
User Manual Languages English English English

From the table comparison, we can see that there is not much difference between the new X431 Pros (V5.0) and PRO DYNO. Now it is time to compare the prices: buy the cheaper one.
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