2024 LAUNCH X431 PRO5 VCI new upgrade: equipped with Smartlink C 2.0

The new 2024 LAUNCH X431 PRO5 has upgraded the VCI from the original Smartbox 3.0 to Smartlink C 2.0. Users of PAD V/PAD VII should be familiar with Smartlink C 2.0, but PRO 5 is equipped with this VCI for the first time. Let’s take a look at the differences between the new Smartlink C 2.0 and the old SmartBox 3.0.

VCI SmartLink C 2.0 SmartBox 3.0
Image SmartLink C 2.0 SmartBox 3.0
Super Remote Diagnostics Yes, with Smartlink 2.0 and Smartlink remote diagnosis license No
VCI Parameter


Linux OS

RAM 256M


WiFi: 2.4GHz/5GHz dual-band

USB: Type B

RAM 256M


Local Diagnosis: WiFi/BT/USB

SmartLink Remote Diagnosis: WiFi/Ethernet

3.97-inch TFT screen, 320*480 resolution

Connection WiFi

Bluetooth (Local diagnosis)

Ethernet (remote diagnosis)

FCA AutoAuth Access Security Gateway (SGW) Optional Optional
Passthru J2534 flashing Yes Yes
DoIP Yes Yes
Adaptation, coding Yes Yes
ADAS calibration functions Optional Optional
IMMO programming X-PROG3 X-PROG3
VAG Guided Function Yes Yes
Add Modules to Expand Features ADAS Calibration Toolkit; VSP-600 VideoScope; X431 TPMS TSGUN; BST360 Bluetooth Battery Tester; X-PROG & X-PROG3 Immobilizer ADAS Calibration Toolkit; VSP-600 VideoScope; X431 TPMS TSGUN; BST360 Bluetooth Battery Tester; X-PROG & X-PROG3 Immobilizer
HD Support optional HD truck package optional HD truck package
Update 2 Years free update 2 Years Free Update
Vehicle coverage 150+Brands Vehicles from 1996-2022, Support HD protocol – Vehicles coverage with over 100+ worldwide makes from America, Europe and Asia
AutoVIN Scan Yes Yes
WiFi Printer Optional Optional


simply put:

Compared with the old version, the 2024 PRO5 is only different in VCI. The new X431 Pro5 comes with Smartlink C 2.0 passthru while the old comes with Smartbox 3.0 VCI.

They all supports BMW/Benz online programming and J2534 OEM programming. The Smartlink 2.0 supports dual diagnosis mode: local diagnosis and super remote diagnosis.

As for local diagnosis, they are the same.

PRO5 users who are still using Smartbox3.0, if they are interested in Smartlink C 2.0, can also purchase it directly:

Smartbox3.0 vs Smartlink C 2.0

Note: Super remote diagnosis requires license and is expected to be available around June 2024. Please pay attention to the www.x431shop.eu website, or contact us to make a reservation.

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