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2024 Launch X-431 V+ SmartLink HD 10.1-inch Smart Car Diagnostic Device Based On Android 10 Come with SmartLink C 2.0 Diagnostic Connector

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Product Description

  1. SmartLink C 2.0 is an upgraded version of HDIII, with hardware upgrade and function upgrade.
  2. Replace Launch X431 V+ and HDIII module.
  3. For 12v and 24v heavy duty trucks
Launch X-431 V+ SmartLink HD Equipped with SmartLink C 2.0 Android 10

Launch X-431 V+ SmartLink HD Features

From Hardware
  • Based on Android 10.0 system. 
  • Replaces Launch X431 V+ and HDIII module. 
  • SmartLink C 2.0 is an upgraded version of HDIII, with hardware upgrade and function upgrade.
  • Newly Added CANFD Connector——X431 SMARTLINK C 2.0,more powerful, faster
  • It uses a 1.8Ghz 4-core high-efficiency processor, 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM large storage, and is equipped with a high-endurance battery to run faster, more stably, and last longer. 
  • Smartink C 2.0 has a visual operation interface to make diagnosis more convenient, supports more model software than HDIII and supports multiple communication methods.
 From Software
  • Support full system fault diagnosis, with functions such as code reading, code clearing, data stream reading, special functions, and action test.
  • Support commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, new energy and other models: Covering Cummins, Bosch, Weichai, Shangchai, Yuchai, Xichai, Chaochai, Yangchai, Quanchai and other engine diagnostic software, it supports trucks, buses, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, trailers, ships and other types of vehicle software.
  • The SmartLink C 2.0 is more powerful and it is configured for passenger and commercial vehicles, mainly supporting commercial vehicles. The transmission speed is faster and the transmission is more stable; the visual operation interface makes it more convenient; it supports commercial vehicles, passenger cars, new energy and other models; it supports super remote diagnosis.
Launch X-431 V+ SmartLink HD Main Functions
  • Automatic Diagnosis according to the Factory Areas
  • SmartLink Super Remote Diagnosis
  • DPF Regen, Parameter Setting, Cylinder cut-off/compression test, Service Reset, Injector Coding, Speed Limit Adjustment, ongoing updating...
  • Bi-directional Test
  • ADAS HD Calibration
  • Read and clear DTCs
  • Delivers a live stream of data
Note: Launch X431 V+ SmartLink HD

Compared with X-431 HDIII, the SmartLink C 2.0 is more powerful in function.

The transmission speed is faster and more stable.
The visual operation interface makes it more convenient.
It supports commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, new energy and other models.
It supports super remote diagnosis.
X431, Sinotruk X431, SITCAR heavy truck X431, Sunlong Bus (SUNLONG) X431, heavy truck Jiangling X431, diesel version Toyota

The SmartLink C system consists of the following two parts:

1.SmartLink Service Platform -- For binding the SmartLink C dongles and posting the remote repair orders (*Note: Orders can be submitted only after the SmartLink C dongle is successfully bound)
2. SmartLink C Dongle -- Connects with vehicle’s Data Link Connector (DLC) to obtain vehicle information before submitting repair orders.

launch x431 smartlink c 2.0 feature 1
Launch SmartLink C 2.0 Vehicle List
88 supported software list:

X431, JCB X431, Renault Heavy Vehicle X431, IRIZAR Heavy Vehicle X431, Zhongtong Bus (ZHONGTONG BUS) X431, USAFORD Diesel Version X431, AISIN Heavy Vehicle
X431, Yutong Bus X431, Foton Auman X431, IRISBUS Heavy Duty Truck X431, Kenworth Heavy Duty Truck X431, HD_TATA X431, VOITH Heavy Duty Truck
X431, Benz heavy truck X431, JAC heavy truck X431, CREDO heavy truck X431, Stirling heavy truck X431, Doosan engine X431 Perkins
X431, VOLVO Heavy Duty Truck X431, Freightliner Heavy Duty Truck X431, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle X431, IWC Heavy Duty Truck X431, Peterbilt Heavy Duty Truck X431, DEUTZ
X431, Cummins engine X431, SCANIA X431, Chaochai X431, Xixing heavy-duty vehicle X431, WABCO ABS X431, ZF
X431, ISUZU Heavy Duty Vehicle X431, FUSO X431, Xichai X431, AutoSearch X431, Case X431, KNORR ABS
X431, IVECO Heavy Duty Vehicle X431, ASTRA X431, Quanchai X431, Dachai Heavy Duty Vehicle X431, Steyr X431, Miller
X431, special for Yuchai X431, BREMACH X-431, Dongfeng Yufeng X431, Golden Passenger Car X431, heavy-duty natural gas X431, HD_FLEXICOIL
X431, BOSCH X431, Hino X431, BONLUCK Bus X431, Higer Bus X431, DENSO_Diesel/Diesel Engine X431, Volvo Construction Machinery
X431, Shangchai X431, ERF X431, ALLISON gearbox X431, Ashok Leyland X431, DELPHI X431, MWM heavy duty vehicles
X431,DAF X431,UD Truck/Nissan Diesel X431,DETROIT Engine X431,Yang Diesel Engine X431,King Long Bus X431,Heavy Truck Demonstration Software
X431, FAW Jiefang X431, construction machinery X431, MACK heavy-duty vehicle X431, HD_ABS system X431, diesel version Mitsubishi X431, heavy-duty vehicle standard
X431, Hyundai Heavy Vehicle X431, SETRA Heavy Vehicle X431, WP Diesel Engine X431, Heavy Truck Aftertreatment System X431, Diesel Nissan X431, Commercial Vehicle One-key Scan
X431, Sinotruk X431, SITCAR heavy truck X431, Sunlong Bus (SUNLONG) X431, heavy truck Jiangling X431, diesel version Toyota
X431, MAN X431, NEOPLAN Heavy Duty Truck X431, Sunwin Bus (SUNWIN) X431, Caterpillar Heavy Duty Truck X431, TRAILER Heavy Duty Truck
Launch SmartLink C Vehilce List 1
launch x431 smartlink c 2.0 feature 2

launch x431 smartlink c 2.0 feature 3

Launch X-431 V+ SmartLink HD Functions Display

Automatic diagnosis, local diagnosis, remote diagnosis, special functions, ADAS, vehicle coverage, Info center, upgrade center, mall, setting, feedback, toolbox and more...

Automatic diagnosis
 The modular design reduces redundant scanning steps and makes diagnosis more accurate and efficient.
Local Diagnosis
The diagnostic software in this function is classified by brand and vehicle type to solve the previous menu confusion problem. Technicians can quickly select the diagnostic software they need through different menus to improve work efficiency.
Data Stream
Supports diverse data stream display modes and user-defined standard data streams.

Remote Diagnosis
Super remote diagnosis is based on the SmartLink C-side diagnostic box connected to the vehicle. Maintenance technicians can use X431 diagnostic equipment, original equipment or other third-party brand equipment to remotely detect, diagnose and program the vehicle through the LAUNCH server platform.
Launch X-431 V+ SmartLink HD Remote diagnosis
The remote diagnosis function can realize real-time communication between equipment and equipment or equipment and computer to complete vehicle remote diagnosis. It becomes a reality for repair technicians to diagnose vehicles thousands of miles apart.

Special Functions
It supports 6 special functions commonly used in most car models, such as DPF, parameter setting, cylinder cutoff test, maintenance reset, injector programming, speed limit adjustment, etc., and is continuously updated.
Launch X-431 V+ SmartLink HD Special function
ADAS HD Calibration, Product Introduction, Product Manual, Adjustment Steps, ADAS Vehicle Coverage
Launch X-431 V+ SmartLink HD ADAS 
Launch X-431 V+ SmartLink HD ADAS 2
Vehicle Coverage

It displays the list of testable models with current configuration. You can quickly find the corresponding software through the initial letter search and text input search functions. View the diagnostic software version, year, and system data at the same time.
Info Center
The info center contains equipment information, overall information, maintenance data and other information.

X-431 FIX 
X-431 FIX maintenance data can be purchased through the mall, and LAUNCH will provide a service account. Technicians can search for information through the entrance provided on the fault code page or in X-431 FIX in the menu of "Repair Info".
Upgrade Center

It supports one-click upgrade of operating system, client, vehicle model software and firmware.

User Info 
User info includes "My Report", "VCI", "VCI Management", "Activate VCI", "Firmware Fix", "Sample", "My Order", "Profile", etc.
The mall includes software store, service upgrade, other goods, etc.

Setting includes Units, shop information, printer set, clear codes, about, Auto update, device account management, log out...

When users encounter vehicle models and functional abnormalities under special circumstances during use, they can provide their opinions to Launch through diagnostic feedback, and specialized technical personnel will track and deal with the problem.

It includes oscilloscope, S2-2 sensorbox, multimeter(S2-2), BST360, Videoscope
Including intelligent diagnosis, traditional diagnosis, remote diagnosis, special functions, ADAS, testable models, information center, upgrade center, mall, and more functions. More pages include personal center, diagnostic records, diagnostic feedback, product manuals, FAQs, and toolboxes.

Support Car List
Launch X-431 V+ SmartLink HD Support Car List

Launch X-431 V+ SmartLink HD Support Car List 2

Launch X-431 V+ SmartLink HD Parameters

Processor 2.0GHz 4 core
Operating system Android 10.0
Memory 4GB
Storage 64GB
Battery 47880mWh (7.6 V, 6300mAh)
Display 10.1 inches 1280*800
Camera rear 8 million pixels
WIFI 2.4GHz/5GHz (dual band)
Interface TYPE A *1 &TYPE C*1
Working temperature 0~50℃
Size 274*190.5*40.5mm

SmartLink C 2.0 Parameters
CPU dual processor Cortex-A7+Cortex-M7
Operating system Linux
Resolution 320x480
Power consumption < 6w
Storage 8GB
Memory 256M
Working temperature 0℃~50℃
Working voltage 9V DC—36V DC
Dimensions: 200mm×110mm×47mm
Communication method WIFI/Bluetooth/Ethernet

Package Includes:
1pc x Launch X-431 V+ SmartLink HD tablet
1pc x SmartLink C 2.0 connector
1pc x Type II OBD-9 connector
1pc x IVECO 36 connector
1pc x OBD16 connector
1pc x OBD 6 connector
1pc x CAT 9 connector
1pc x BENZ 14 connector
1pc x RENAULT 12 connector
1pc x VOLVO 8 connector
1pc x MAN 37 connector
1pc x MAN 12 connector
1pc x IVECO 38 connector
1pc x ISUZU 20 connector
1pc x Jumpers
1pc x Test cable
1pc x OBD main cable
1pc x Power cable clips
1pc x Lighter
1pc x Jumper 10
1pc x HY-16 cable
1pc x M/F 12+16 cable
2pcs x USB cables 
1pc x Standard power adapter
6pcs x Fuses
2pcs x Boxes
1pc x User manual
1pc x Password letter
9pcs x Jumpers

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