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Ship From EU/UK 2 Years Free Update LAUNCH X431 IMMO PLUS With X431 XPROG3 MCU3 Adapter And X431 Smart Key Simulator Support All Keys Lost And ECU Coding

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6 X431 IMMO: Launch X431 IMMO Plus with MCU3 and Emulator LAUNCH X431 IMMO PLUS With X431 XPROG3 MCU3 Adapter And X431 Smart Key Simulator Support All Keys Lost And ECU Coding
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Product Description

Package offer LAUNCH X431 IMMO PLUS With X431 XPROG3 MCU3 Adapter And X431 Smart Key Simulator, support All Keys Lost and ECU TCU Reading, saves you money than buying them alone, We can offer you  5 years warranty, lifetime customer service,  and tech support. 

LAUNCH X431 IMMO PLUS With X431 XPROG3 MCU3 Adapter And X431 Smart Key Simulator

Why do you buy Launch X431 IMMO Plus from x431shop?
  • Global Version NO IP Limit
  • LAUNCH official authorized dealer
  • Ship From UK/US/EU, fast delivery, No Tax.
  • We can offer you  5 years warranty, lifetime customer service,  and tech support. 
LAUNCH X431 IMMO PLUS Highlights
  • 2 Years Free Update,  Online Update Service after 2 Years pls check here  
  • 4-in-1: Immobilizer + ECU Cloning + Diagnostics +initialization
  • Supports CAN FD/ DOIP Protocols, newly add AutoAuth for FCA SGW.
  • Upgrade From LAUNCH X431 IMMO ELITE, which adds ECU coding functionality.
  • Supports 2018+ Toyota 8A smart key and BYD all key lost (with emulator key)
  • 99% of Vehicle Coverage: Offering FCA SGW vehicle access. Launch X431 IMMO Plus Immobilizer Car List
  • 22 Kinds of Languages Support : English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Arabic, Danish, Korean, Persian, Serbian, Finnish, Swedish, Czech, Italian
    APP language: English, German, Russian, French, Traditional, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian
Main Functions
  • AutoAuth for FCA SGW
  • Auto scan + remote diagnostics + diagnostic feedback…
  • Full bi-directional control (active test) + ECU coding + ECU module clone
  • VAG Guided Functions: Offer step-by-step instructions and guide technicians to do fast repairs.
  • Add-on modules: Optional. BST360 Battery Tester, O2-2 ScopeBox, S2-2 Sensorbox, WiFi printer, Multimeter and VSP600 Videoscope 
  • IMMO Anti-theft Functions: IMMO PLUS LAUNCH scanner can read the immobilizer PIN and backup the key information for later reset/ relearn. Include Read PIN; Key De-lete/ Add/ All Lost; Key Learning; Module Data Wiping; Module Replacement, IMMO ECU Reset, etc.
  • Key Programming: Working with X431 PROG3 key programmer, LAUNCH X431 IMMO PLUS serves 99% of coverage and provides Engine/Gearbox ECU Module Cloning & Replacement; Remote Matching; Key Generation; Key Learning; Read/Write Key EEPROM, MCU, Engine, Immobilizer; Backup & Restore Engine ECU Programming Data, etc.
  • ECU Module Clone: Cover Engine/Gearbox ECU Clone for 5000+ models. Easily replace the new/used modules without complex & tedious operations.
  • ECU Coding: Solving some ECU-related issues and allowing you to personalize your vehicle functions as preference need.
  • Complete OE-Level system diagnosis + 39 Reset services: IMMO PLUS scanner not only configure comprehensive IMMO functions but also integrates common reset functions for a full range of diagnostics.
  • All-system Diagnostics: IMMO PLUS scans all the vehicle control modules and finds out all the DTCs to help you to know what’s wrong with the car.
  • Bi-directional Control: An essential feature for quickly locating vehicle problems and saving your time.
  • VAG Guided Functions: Offer step-by-step instructions and guide technicians to do fast repairs.
  • CAN FD & DOIP: With the assistance of new communication standards, LAUNCH IMMO PLUS auto scanner enables much higher data rates & faster diagnostic speed than ever.
  • AutoAuth for FCA SGW: Use the latest software update function AutoAuth to provide diagnosis, active testing, etc., making the diagnostics more secure.Applicable to FCA vehicles equipped with a security gateway module (SGW) in 2017 and later.
  • NEW! Update VAG MQB NEC35XX add key and all keys lost (May 2023)
  • NEW! Supports VW Audi IMMO4 IMMO5 MQB/MLB gearbox module replacement (June 2023)
  • Generate Launch super chip and universal remote with Launch x431 key programmer
  • O2-2 ScopeBox, S2-2 Sensorbox : Use With Oscilloscope: quickly acquire the circuit signal, and slowly display the waveform to observe and analyze.

Launch X431 X-PROG3 details and functions:

1. Car key slot -Place the car key to perform the key matching function etc.

3. Mercedes-Benz key infrared slot – put the Mercedes-Benz infrared key to perform the key matching function

4. Car key hole – put the key chip to perform matching keys

5. Status indicator–power indicator

6. DIY slot-Connect anti-theft computer pin through cable to read and write data

7. Locker install chip burning socket- FULL EEPROM or MCU data read and write operations

8. DC12V power supply – connect DC12 power supply

9.DB15 – Connect main wiring

Remote diagnostics

This option is designed to help repair shops or technicians

Start instant messaging and remote diagnostics, making repairs faster.

Intelligent Diagnostics

This module allows you to use the currently selected vehicle’s fault information to access its data (including vehicle information, diagnostic record histories) from the cloud server to perform quick testing, eliminate guesswork, and manually step through menu selection.

Diagnostic history

This feature provides quick access to tested

vehicles and users can choose to view the test report or return to the last operation without starting from scratch


LAUNCH X431 Immobilizer Programmer Simulate Key

Launch X431 smart key simulator is designed to collect the data sent from the ignition coil, aiming to identify the ignition coil troubles and decode the data of the vehicle key chip. It can also simulate the vehicle key chip. Currently, it supports to simulate the Toyota smart key chip and more key chip types will be supported with subsequent upgrades.
LAUNCH X431 Immobilizer Programmer Simulate Key

Launch MCU3 Adapter for X431 X-PROG3 GIII for Benz All Keys Lost

Applications and advantages of the new MCU3 adapter

  • Adapter board code: 307140131
  • ADAS Advanced Driving Assist System
  • Audi VW MQB gearbox replacement
  • Equipment configuration: non-standard accessories, optional.
  • BMW continental msv90 engine ecu replacement and cloning
  • Peugeot Key Programming
  • Mercedes Benz transmission deleted and operating instructions vgs nag2 vgs2 nag2 and vgs3 nag2
  • Mercedes Benz w164 2009 Key Programming
  • Volkswagen Audi 5th generation engine reading engine data via direct connection and online programming and coding
  • For BMW E chassis 8hp EGS deleted
  • BMW 8hp chassis F and G delete function
  • Key programming cas4/cas4+ all keys lost and adding keys
  • Programming cas1 cas2 cas3 cas3+ lost keys and add key
  • CAS4 immobilizer module replacement
  • Replacement of Volkswagen Audi engine and reading data med17 and edc17
  • Mercedes Benz med9.7 ecu deleted
  • Volkswagen Audi Replacement 4th Generation Instrument Replacement
  • Engine replacement for Volkswagen Audi MED17.5.22
  • Programming of lost keys and adding key Porsche Cayenne 2011 2017
  • Cloning and virginization e39 ac delco
  • Power shift cloning and virginization
  • Nissan ecu and Tcm conversion and virgin ecu programming and calibrations
  • Special features in Chrysler and registration at autoauth FCA sgw
  • Special features in GM and Ford 
  • The mcu3 adapter is not included with the xprog3. Add MCU3 adapter for more functions of X-PROG3 programmer as readings of new ECUs TCM, Mercedes all keys lost etc
  • To use this product, customers must have GIII, which is compatible with X-431 PRO V4.0, X-431 PRO 3 V4.0, X-431 PRO 5, X-431 PAD III V2.0, X-431 PAD V, X-431 PAD VII, X431 V, X431 V+, X431 PRO3S+.
Launch MCU3 Adapter 1
When is it can be used?
1. Use the BENCH mode to clone the ECU module, when the 120 ohm resistor is connected as shown in Figure 1, or when the +12V power supply is connected to the IMMO programmer board; the IMMO programmer MCU3 adapter board (with its own power supply) can be used, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 1:
Launch MCU3 Adapter 2

Launch MCU3 Adapter 3
Figuire 2:
Launch MCU3 Adapter 4

2. With all keys lost for Mercedes-Benz, and the connection for key learning is shown in Figure 3 when operating on the platform.

Figuire 3:

Launch MCU3 Adapter 5

Package Includes:
1 set LAUNCH X431 IMMO PLUS with  X431 XPROG3
1 set LAUNCH X431 XPROG3 MCU3 Adapter 
1 set LAUNCH X431 Smart Key Simulator

Ship from EU/UK/Other Overseas Warehouse

  • Normally take about 3-5 working days to arrive
  • Valid for EU/UK Local Address Only - Only Item title marked "EU/UK SHIP" will ship from EU/UK warehouse!
  • EU Warehouse was located in Germany/Czech and it only can ship to EU country: 
    Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia,
    Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania,Luxembourg,
    Malta, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Cyprus, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia 
  • Note: If EU/UK Stock sold out, your order will be shipped from China via DHL or YANWEN (No Tax) by default.
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Tech Support

Launch x431 immo plus is good at diagnosing, coding and immo. Here comes the vehicle coverage of Launch X431 IMMO Plus and IMMO Elite tablets.

1. Here comes the immobilizer coverage of Launch X431 IMMO Plus and IMMO Elite (exactly same immo coverage) for quick search.

Supports these brands:

VAG VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, BMW, Benz, Peugeot, Citroen, Toyota, Volvo, Psche, Land rover, Jaguar, Renault, Fiat, Ferrari, Roeme MG, Chrysler, GM, Ford, Maserati, Mazda, Opel, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Honda, Nissan, Isuzu, Hyundai, Kia, Chevry, BYD, Baichs, GWM, Geelyor

Sorted by brands.

For detailed model and function list, check

Free Download Launch X431 IMMO Plus Car List

Launch X431 IMMO Plus Vehicle List

Launch X431 IMMO Plus Vehicle List  2
2. For ECU/TCU Cloning coverage, here is the supported list till June 2023.

launch x431 immo elite and launch x431 immo elite are highly compatible with Xprog 3. They can do ecu/tcu cloning.

ECU Name ECU Type ECU Brand X-PROG3
EDC16XX ECM Bosch Support
EDC17XX ECM Bosch Support
MD1CSXXX ECM Bosch Support
MD1CPXXX ECM Bosch Support
ME17.X.X ECM Bosch Support
MED17.X.X ECM Bosch Support
MED9.X.X ECM Bosch Support
MEV17.X.X ECM Bosch Support
MEVD17.X.X ECM Bosch Support
MG1CSXXX ECM Bosch Support
MG1CPXXX ECM Bosch Support
MSDXX ECM Continental/SIEMENS Support
MSVXX ECM Continental/SIEMENS Support
SDIX ECM Continental Support
SIM271XX ECM Continental Support
SIMOS12.X ECM Continental Support
SIMOS8.X ECM Continental Support
SIMOS-PCR2.X ECM Continental Support
6HPXX TCM ZF Support
8HPXX TCM ZF Support
7DCT300 TCM ZF Support
9G Tronic TCM Bosch Support
TCXX TCM Bosch Support
DLXXX TCM Temic Support
DQXXX TCM Temic Support
VL381 TCM Temic Support
MEDG17.9.8 TCM Bosch Support
MEG17.9.2 TCM Bosch Support

3. For diagnostic coverage check


4. For key programmer (remote maker) coverage, you should have the Launch X431 key programmer add-on module, and check under Key programmer function on tablet.

Launch X431 IMMO Plus Vehicle List 3
Launch X431 IMMO Plus Vehicle List 4
Launch X431 will release software updates frequently, keep an eye on the new update.

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